Opening Statements of Committee Members

Opening Statement of Chairman Phil Gramm (R-TX)

Hearing on Export Control Issues in the Cox Report

10:00 a.m., Thursday, June 10, 1999

"We are going to proceed on a very tight time schedule to marking up the Export Administration Act in this committee. The one thing Congress can do as part of dealing with the problem that is outlined in the Cox report is to slam the door on this type of activity by reauthorizing the Export Administration Act, by strengthening its provisions, by streamlining its process. We're going to undertake that in earnest this month in this committee.

"I want to begin by congratulating Senator Enzi, our subcommittee chairman with jurisdiction over the Export Administration Act. I've had the opportunity over 20 years to watch a lot of people take a position of leadership and exercise it, but I have never in that 20-year period seen a person who has worked harder or been more hands on than Senator Enzi.

"We hope this week to get down on paper the ideas that Senator Enzi has and the ideas that I have in modernizing, streamlining and making more effective our Export Administration Act. We hope by the end of the week or, at the latest, early next week to put in the hands of every member the thinking of the subcommittee chairman and my thinking on this subject.

"I am hopeful that, having done that, that next week we can begin meetings on a bipartisan basis to talk about reauthorizing the Export Administration Act. I don't see any reason that this should be a partisan matter and, for my part, our goal is to put together a bipartisan bill that we can move forward on.

"We have put out a timetable that calls for a series of public hearings at the full committee level and calls for a markup on June 29. My goal is to try to do everything we can to try to meet that timetable."

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