Committee Information

Subcommittee on Economic Policy
- Economic growth, employment and price stability
- Monetary policy, including monetary policy functions of the Federal Reserve System
- Financial Stability Oversight Counsel
- Office of Financial Research
- Council of Economic Advisors
- Money and credit, including currency, coinage and notes
- Control of prices of commodities, rents and services
- Economic stabilization
- Financial aid to commerce and industry
- Loan guarantees
- Flood insurance
- Disaster assistance
- Small Business Lending
Republican Subcommittee Members

Dean Heller (Chairman)
Patrick J. Toomey
Tom Cotton
Mike Rounds
Ben Sasse
Jerry Moran
Democratic Subcommittee Members

Elizabeth Warren (Ranking Member)
Jon Tester
Jeff Merkley
Heidi Heitkamp
Richard C. Shelby (ex officio member)
Sherrod Brown (ex officio member)
Related Legislation
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