Full Committee Hearing

Addressing FHA’s Financial Condition and Program Challenges, Part II

Date:   Thursday, February 28, 2013 Time:   10:00 AM

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COMMITTEE ON BANKING, HOUSING, AND URBAN AFFAIRS will meet in OPEN SESSION to conduct a hearing on “Addressing FHA’s Financial Condition and Program Challenges, Part II.” The witnesses will be: Mr. Gary Thomas, President, National Association of Realtors; Mr. Peter Bell, President, National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association; The Honorable Phillip L. Swagel, Professor in International Economic Policy at the Maryland School of Public Policy, University of Maryland; Ms. Sarah Rosen Wartell, President, Urban Institute; Ms. Teresa Bryce Bazemore, President, Radian Guaranty Incorporated; and The Honorable David H. Stevens, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mortgage Bankers Association. Additional witnesses may be announced.


Witness Panel 1

  1. Mr. Peter Bell
    National reverse Mortgage Lenders Association
  2. Ms. Teresa Bryce Bazemore
    Radian Guaranty Incorporated
  3. Ms. Sarah Rosen Wartell
    Urban Institute
  4. Honorable David H. Stevens
    President and CEO
    Mortgage Bankers Association
  5. The Honorable Phillip L. Swagel
    Professor of International Economic Policy
    University of Maryland School of Public Policy
  6. Mr. Gary Thomas
    National Association of Realtors