Full Committee Hearing

Consideration of Regulatory Relief Proposals

Date:   Wednesday, March 1, 2006 Time:   10:00 AM

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The Committee will meet in OPEN SESSION to conduct a Hearing to review and consider regulatory relief proposals.


Witness Panel 1

  1. Mr. Gavin M. Gee
    Director of Finance
    Idaho Department of Finance
  2. Ms. Linda Jekel
    Chair and Director of Credit Unions
    National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors
  3. Honorable JoAnn Johnson
    National Credit Union Administration
  4. Mr. Douglas H. Jones
    Acting General Counsel
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  5. Honorable Donald L. Kohn
    Governor - Federal Reserve Board of Governors
    Federal Reserve System
  6. Ms. Julie L. Williams
    First Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief Counsel
    Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Witness Panel 2

  1. Mr. Steve Bartlett
    President and CEO
    Financial Services Roundtable
  2. Ms. Terry Jorde
    President and CEO
    CountryBank USA
  3. Mr. H. Greg McClellan
    President and CEO
    MAX Federal Credit Union
  4. Mr. Joe McGee
    President and CEO
    Legacy Community Federal Credit Union
  5. Mr. F. Weller Meyer
    President and CEO
    Acacia Federal Savings Bank
  6. Mr. Edmund Mierzwinski
    Consumer Program Director
    U. S. Public Interest Research Group
  7. Mr. Travis B. Plunkett
    Senior Director, Family Economic Stability
    The Pew Charitable Trusts
  8. Mr. Bradley Rock
    President and CEO
    Bank of Smithtown
  9. Ms. Margot Saunders
    Managing Attorney
    National Consumer Law Center