Full Committee Hearing

Manufacturing and the Credit Crisis

Date:   Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Time:   10:30 AM

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The witnesses on Panel I will be: Mr. Leo Gerard, President, United Steelworkers; and Mr. David Marchick, Managing Director, The Carlyle Group. The witnesses on Panel II will be: Mr. Eugene Haffely, CEO, Assembly & Test Worldwide, Inc.; Lieutenant General Larry Farrell, (USAF, Retired), President, National Defense Industrial Association; and Mr. William Gaskin, President, Precision Metalforming Association.


Majority Statements

  1. Senator Sherrod Brown

Witness Panel 1

  1. Mr. Leo Gerard
    United Steelworkers
  2. Mr. David Marchick
    Managing Director
    The Carlyle Group

Witness Panel 2

  1. Lieutenant General Larry Farrell
    (USAF, Retired) President
    National Defense Industrial Association
  2. Mr. William Gaskin
    Precision Metalforming Association
  3. Mr. Eugene Haffely
    Assembly and Test Worldwide, Inc.