Full Committee Hearing

Problems in Mortgage Servicing From Modification to Foreclosure

Date:   Tuesday, November 16, 2010 Time:   03:15 PM

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The witnesses will be: The Honorable Tom Miller, Attorney General, State of Iowa; Ms. Barbara J. Desoer, President, Bank of America Home Loans; Mr. David Lowman, CEO, Chase Home Lending; Mr. Adam J. Levitin, Associate Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center; and Ms. Diane Thompson, Counsel, National Consumer Law Center. Additional witnesses may be announced at a later date.


Majority Statements

  1. Senator Sherrod Brown
  2. Senator Christopher J. Dodd
  3. Senator Daniel K. Akaka, Retired

Minority Statements

  1. Senator Richard C. Shelby

Witness Panel 1

  1. Mr. R. K. Arnold
    President and CEO
    Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc
  2. Ms. Barbara Desoer
    Bank of America Home Loans
  3. Mr. Adam J. Levitin
    Associate Professor of Law
    Georgetown University Law Center
  4. Mr. David Lowman
    Chase Home Lending
  5. Honorable Tom Miller
    Attorney General
    State of Iowa
  6. Ms. Diane E. Thompson
    National Consumer Law Center