March 17, 2023

Brown Pushes to Hold Wall Street & Silicon Valley Executives Accountable

Today, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, issued the following statement after the Biden Administration announced new accountability measures for executives of failed big banks:

“Working people and small businesses have been forced to pay the price for executives’ arrogance and recklessness too many times before. We need stronger rules to rein in risky behavior and catch incompetence,” said Brown. “Our job on our committee is oversight, and we will be looking at all the ways we can protect working families’ money from risky bets that didn’t pay off in Silicon Valley or on Wall Street. That includes holding accountable the executives who ran this bank into the ground and the regulators tasked with overseeing them, and it includes working to reform our laws to better protect workers, small businesses, and taxpayers from corporate greed.”