April 04, 2020

Brown Statement On President Trump’s Intention To Nominate Brian Miller For Special Inspector General For Pandemic Recovery (SIGPR)

“Inspectors General have historically been apolitical- the White House’s decision to nominate Brian Miller, a White House Lawyer, is troubling. I fought for increased oversight in the CARES Act because Congress must hold the Trump administration accountable for how they administer these programs and guarantee that corporations getting taxpayer money put their workers first. I question whether Mr. Miller is able to do that. Mr. Miller will be called upon to answer how he will ensure he is independent and will hold the administration accountable,” said Senator Brown, Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, Urban Affairs.

Recently, Senator Brown, and his colleagues sent a letter to Secretary Mnuchin urging him to defend the creation of Special Inspector General For Pandemic Recovery (SIGPR).