September 14, 2009


“The President is right, we need change and change now.”

WASHINGTON – Today Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-CT), issued the following statement following the President’s address on the economy. 
“The President got it right.  We need ‘change and change now’,” said Dodd. 
“One year after Lehman Brothers collapsed many of the same risks to our financial sector remain.  Companies that used to be too big to fail have only gotten bigger and now they’re back to business as usual.  But for millions of Americans who have lost their homes, their jobs or their retirement things will never be the same.  I decided to stay chairman of the Banking Committee because I am committed to seeing these reforms passed and helping to restore Americans’ financial security.”
“Failure to act leaves our economy at risk.  We will not allow our efforts to be stalled by well financed special interests intent on keeping the status quo.”
“The Banking Committee has held dozens of hearings on the causes of this crisis, we’ve thoroughly studied the Administration’s proposals, and now I am working with my Senate colleagues to prepare a comprehensive bill to reform the financial system and protect consumers and investors to ensure that a crisis like this never happens again.”
                                                            # # #