April 28, 2010


WASHINGTON – Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-CT) issued the following statement after Republicans again voted to prevent debate on Wall Street reform.
“Today was another disappointing day.”
“Today, the Goldman Sachs hearings remind all of us of the terrible price our country paid for Wall Street recklessness leading up to the economic crisis.”
“And today, with this glaring reminder staring us in the face, our colleagues again voted to prevent Wall Street reform from even being debated on the floor.”
“But we are going to keep trying.  We will hold another vote.  We will keep pushing for change, and I hope that soon my Republican colleagues will vote to allow a debate on Wall Street reform.”
“I am committed to an open process.  We need to have a public debate, where Senators can offer substantive amendments, and consider the weighty issues before us.  That is our job.  That’s how we will get the strongest bill possible.”
“Senator Shelby and I have had good talks. We are not far apart on ending too big to fail bailouts.  But it’s time to bring this bill to the full Senate.  It’s time to allow our colleagues an opportunity for their voices to be heard.  It’s time to bring our nation the change it needs.”
                                                            # # #