November 13, 2014


WASHINGTON Today, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Tim Johnson (D-SD) held a confirmation hearing to consider the nominations of Ms. Lourdes Maria Castro Ramirez, of California, to be an Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; and Ms. Therese W. McMillan, of California, to be Federal Transit Administrator, U.S. Department of Transportation.
Below is Chairman Johnson’s statement as prepared for delivery:
“I call this hearing to order. Today we consider the nominations of Ms. Lourdes Castro Ramirez to be an Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; and Ms. Therese McMillan, to be the Federal Transit Administrator at the U.S. Department of Transportation.
“If confirmed, Ms. Castro Ramirez will lead HUD’s office of Public and Indian Housing, which helps more than 3 million families find affordable housing in cities, suburbs, rural areas, and in Indian Country. Given the growing number of families struggling to find affordable rents, effective use of the resources administered by PIH is critical.
“By way of introduction, Ms. Castro Ramirez would bring 20 years of experience leading and managing affordable housing and community development programs at the local level to this position. She is currently the President and CEO of the San Antonio Housing Authority, where she oversees housing programs serving 26,000 families, a workforce of 525 employees, and an annual operating budget of $186 million. Prior to joining SAHA, Ms. Castro Ramirez was the Director of the Housing Choice Voucher Program at the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles.  
“And to introduce Ms. McMillan, she has served as Deputy Administrator at FTA since 2009, and she became Acting Administrator in July of this year. Ms. McMillan brings substantial experience to her new role.  As Deputy Administrator she has guided FTA staff throughout the agency’s headquarters and 10 regional offices, and she has played a key role in the implementation of MAP-21’s reforms such as the new, streamlined process for the New Starts and Small Starts program.  Prior to joining FTA, she was a Deputy Executive Director at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in the San Francisco region where she was responsible for strategic financial planning and MTC’s management of federal, state and regional funding for transit, highways and other transportation modes.”