Majority Documents

acrobatLetter from Banking Committee Republicans to Regulators
acrobatLetter from Banking Committee Republicans to SEC
acrobatFacebook Letter to Crapo, Brown
acrobatCEA Report on Federal Deregulation
acrobatLetter to First American
acrobatCrapo, Brown Letter to ANA
acrobatCrapo, Brown Letter to Facebook
acrobatCrapo Letter to Bank CEOs
acrobatS. 2098, FIRRMA, As Reported by the Banking Committee
acrobatS. 2155 Section-by-Section, As Passed By Senate
acrobatS. 2155 Bill Text, As Passed By Senate
acrobatEconomic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act Section-by-Section, As Originally Introduced Nov. 16, 2017
acrobatCrapo, Brown "Otto Warmbier BRINK Act."
acrobatCrapo Letter to Equifax
acrobatCrapo, Brown National Flood Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2017
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