Committee Documents

acrobatFacebook Letter to Crapo, Brown
acrobatCEA Report on Federal Deregulation
acrobatLetter to First American
acrobatCrapo, Brown Letter to ANA
acrobatCrapo, Brown Letter to Facebook
acrobatCrapo Letter to Bank CEOs
acrobatTRIP Act, Highlights Document
acrobatTRIP Act
acrobatS. 2098, FIRRMA, As Reported by the Banking Committee
acrobatDraft Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute to S. 2098
acrobatS. 2155 Section-by-Section, As Passed By Senate
acrobatS. 2155 Bill Text, As Passed By Senate
acrobatCrapo, Hensarling CFPB Amicus Brief
acrobatS. 2155 Section-by-Section, As Reported by Banking Committee on Dec. 5, 2017
acrobatManager's Amendment to S. 2155, As Introduced in Committee on Dec. 5, 2017
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