Republican Documents

acrobatCrapo Letter to Treasury, Fed on Emergency Lending Facilities
acrobatCrapo Letter to SEC
acrobatCrapo Letter to Banking Regulators
acrobatCrapo Letter to UST SBA
acrobatCrapo Statement for the Record on REITS
acrobatCARES Act, Title IV: Summary of Lending Programs
acrobatCrapo Letter to Treasury, Federal Reserve
acrobatCARES Act, Title IV: Section Summary
acrobatLetter to DOT on NDAA
acrobatPolitical Targeting Letter
acrobatTerrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2019
acrobatLetter from Banking Committee Republicans to Regulators
acrobatLetter from Banking Committee Republicans to SEC
acrobatFacebook Letter to Crapo, Brown
acrobatCEA Report on Federal Deregulation
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