Minority Press Releases

July 2022
Toomey: SEC’s Regulation-by-Enforcement Approach Harmed Consumers
Toomey: Gensler’s Refusal to Give Crypto Regulatory Clarity Hurt Consumers
Toomey and Sinema Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Simplify Use of Digital Assets for Everyday Purchases
Banking Republicans Criticize Gensler for Stonewalling Congressional Inquiry Into SEC’s Proposed Climate Rule
Toomey: Bad Policies and Reckless Spending Have Fueled Soaring Housing Costs
Toomey: Current Outbound Investment Screening Ideas Could Impede U.S. National Security and Severely Harm the U.S.
Toomey Congratulates Michael Barr on Confirmation as Fed Vice Chair for Supervision
Toomey: Congress Shouldn’t Be Throwing Billions of Federal Taxpayer Dollars to Expand Transit as Ridership Continues to Decline
June 2022
Toomey, Scott, Tillis, Lummis Blast Kansas City Fed for Again Stonewalling Congress on Master Account Process
Toomey Says Flood Insurance Reauthorization Should Protect Taxpayers From Losses
Toomey: Congress Should Reform NFIP to Protect Taxpayers
Banking Republicans Request SEC Records on Proposed Climate Disclosure Rule
Banking Republicans Call on HUD to Immediately Reinstate Work Requirement Study for Taxpayer-Funded Housing
Toomey: The INDEX Act Will Return Voting Power to a Company’s True Investors
Toomey Statement on Confirmation of Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board Nominees
Toomey Opposes Todd Harper for NCUA
Toomey Supports Barr for Fed, Uyeda and Lizárraga for SEC
Toomey Intends to Support Michael Barr for Federal Reserve Vice Chair for Supervision
May 2022
Toomey Opposes Thompson for FHFA
ICYMI: Toomey Discusses the U.S. Economic Outlook During World Economic Forum Panel
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