Minority Press Releases

November 2021
Toomey: I Look Forward to Supporting Powell’s Confirmation
Toomey: I’ve Never Seen a Nominee with More Radical Ideas
Toomey: Hard to Find a Worse Idea Than Postal Banking
Toomey Praises Quarles’ Tenure at Federal Reserve
Toomey Opposes EXIM Nominees
Toomey Statement on Fed Taper Announcement
Toomey on Professor Omarova’s Refusal to Turn Over Thesis on Marxism: What is She Hiding?
Toomey Warns Regulators Against Restricting SOFR Alternatives
Toomey Statement on Biden Administration’s Stablecoin Report
October 2021
Toomey: CFPB Returning to Lawless, Anti-Business, Unaccountable Agency
Toomey Launches Effort to Preserve Commission-Free Trading
Toomey Opening Statement at Nomination Hearing with HUD, EXIM Nominees
Toomey Statement on Fed Announcing New Ethics Rules
Toomey Statement on FSOC Report on Global Warming
Toomey and Johnson Call on GAO to Immediately Withdraw Global Warming Report
Toomey Highlights Reckless Housing Provisions in Democrats’ $3.5 T Spending Spree
Toomey Criticizes Omarova’s Plan to Have Federal Government Set Price Controls
Toomey: Biden Administration Must Stop Circumventing Congress When Enacting International Policies
Banking Republicans Call on Boston, Dallas Fed Boards to Follow Fair, Transparent, and Non-Political Process When Picking Next President
Toomey Raises Concerns Over Administration’s Forthcoming Stablecoin Report
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