Minority Press Releases

February 2022
Toomey Calls for Tougher Sanctions on Russia
Toomey Statement on Biden Administration Sanctioning Nord Stream 2 Pipeline
Toomey Calls for Sanctions After Russia Invades Ukraine
Toomey: We Want Answers Before We Vote on Raskin
Toomey: Congress and the American People Deserve Answers on Raskin’s Revolving Door
Toomey Statement on Banking Republicans Seeking Answers on Raskin’s Revolving Door Use Before Committee Vote
Toomey Remains Optimistic About Finding Common Ground on Stablecoin Regulatory Framework
Toomey Blasts Fed and Kansas City Fed for Stonewalling Congress
Toomey Calls for Reforming the Regional Federal Reserve Banks
Toomey Urges Biden Administration to Engage in Bipartisan Housing Finance Reform
Toomey Opposes Reta Jo Lewis for EXIM President
Toomey Requests GAO Review of Recent Massive Hike in CDFI Funding
Toomey Presses Raskin on Work for Obscure Fintech That Obtained Unusual Access to Fed’s Payment System
Toomey Applauds McWilliams’ Tenure at FDIC
With Digital Yuan Rollout at Olympic Games, Toomey Calls on Federal Agencies To Closely Watch for National Security Implications
Toomey: Fed Nominees are a Referendum on the Fed’s Independence
Banking Committee Republicans Release Staff Report on Raskin’s Plan to “Reimagine” Financial Regulation to Save Us From an “Unlivably Hot Planet”
January 2022
Toomey Raises Alarm Over Serious Omissions in Fed Nominees’ Paperwork
Toomey Presses Taxpayer-backed Housing Group on Weak Oversight
Toomey Statement on SEC’s Proposed Disclosure Mandates for Private Funds
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