Minority Press Releases

May 2021
Republican Banking Committee Launches New Whistleblower Resource
Banking Committee Republicans Urge President Biden to Withhold Sanctions Relief From Iran
Toomey: Misguided Attempts to Overturn True Lender Will Hurt Americans’ Access to Credit
Toomey: We Can’t Continue Throwing Money at Federal Agencies Without Oversight and Reforms
Toomey Demands HUD Follow the Law on Down Payment Assistance to Homebuyers
April 2021
Toomey: We Can Preserve the Dignity of Work by Allowing Free Enterprise to Flourish
Toomey: Repealing True Lender Risks Stifling Innovation, Cutting Off Credit to Consumers
Toomey: Green New Deal Policies Destroying Jobs, Raising Energy Prices
Toomey, GOP Banking Members Demand Kerry, Biden Administration Stop Trying to De-Bank Energy Companies
Toomey: Biden Admin’s Job-Killing Energy Policies Harming America’s Rural Communities
Toomey Statement on New Russia Sanctions
Toomey Calls for Transit Reform Over More Federal Spending
Toomey Seeks Briefing on Biden Admin Plans to Protect Sensitive U.S. Technologies
Toomey Opposes Gary Gensler for SEC
Toomey: Government is Not the Solution to Housing in America
Toomey Warns Federal Reserve of Inflation Risk
Toomey Calls on Treasury Secretary to Abandon Support for New IMF Allocation of Foreign Aid
March 2021
Toomey on Eviction Moratorium Extension: Lacks Legal Basis and Economic Justification
Toomey Launches Review of Mission Creep by Regional Federal Reserve Banks
Toomey: Democrat Spending Bill Cause for Concern, Not Celebration
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